Section 106 agreements


We have a wealth of experience in negotiating agreements pursuant to Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) where needed to secure the necessary planning obligations for planning permission to be granted.

As a team we have acted on behalf of a range of clients including commercial developers, individuals, public bodies and local authorities in connection with a variety of developments across the country. The experience and knowledge we have across the team enables us to draft and negotiate complex and bespoke provisions concerning, for example, affordable housing, viability reviews, financial contributions towards infrastructure, affordable workspace, employment and training, open space and highway improvements. We are adept at working alongside the client team which may include lenders, architects, viability, transport and energy consultants to advise on the best strategy and approach to achieve an agreed document which is compliant but also commercial. We also advise on the strategy and the necessary amendments to existing agreements where changes to the development are required.


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